Big Business Owners Versus Small Business Owners: Natural Enemi


One of the hard parts about selecting a candidate that is actually going to defend the small business owner is that the very people who say that they support us don’t really support us at all. The support business, sure, but they support big businesses only. They want to give our hard-earned money to our competitors instead. Our competitors have a ridiculous amount of money already, and they want to be the ones who can stack the odds in their favor even more.

When Mitt Romney said that business who pull in 250,000 dollars a year somehow count as small businesses, he was rightly laughed out of the polling booths. Small business owners do benefit from saving on taxes, which is why I’m always interested in trying to learn as many of the associated tricks of the trade as possible. However, once again, you’re better off finding a way to do that yourself rather than finding a huge, individual, public solution.

Getting rid of the IRS or the modern method of taxation altogether might be the ideal solution, but you can’t try to elect a candidate who is just going to do half measures. If you’re a small business owner, the Republicans are really not going to help you in the long-term. They’ll sign a bill that gives you a few extra dollars at the end of your first quarter since they helped reduce taxes in a way that helped you just that little bit.

The thing is, they also reduced the taxes of your super-rich competitors by millions of dollars, because that’s just how percentages work. Now, your super-rich competitors can run even larger circles around you while you’re working like a dog. Your customers just got their benefits from the government cut or lost their government jobs, and now they can’t actually buy any of your goods or services. You can’t afford to give them discounts, but your big-business competitors can. Where do you think they’re going to go?